What is it?

A Christian Project reaching out to children at risk and their families, through educational, physical, social and spiritual activities.

Where is it?

On the outskirts of Itabirito, a town of about 70,000 people, near Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Why does it exist?

The majority of the children who come to ND, live in small poor communities or big slums (favelas). Both are dark and dangerous places, infested with drugs, alcohol abuse, addicts, dealers, gangs and violent crime.

Many boys get pressured into the drug scene and many girls are lured into sexual relationships with older drug dealers, from a very young age. The majority of children don’t know their fathers, and their mums are either working terrible hours in menial jobs, leaving them in extremely vulnerable situations and fending for themselves, or they are at home, but prioritizing the spending of any money they can get, on their addictions.

Even the more loving homes within these communities, are susceptible to sudden change due to unstable job situations and negative influences all around them. The drug pushers and gang members are often idolized by teenagers, because they seem to have more power, prestige and money. A small minority of our children live in care homes where they are not only dealing with the effects of all the above, but also with the negative side of being taken away from their homes, as bad as their family situations may be.

New Destiny exists primarily, to give these children hope and love, to provide them with positive role models, to support and encourage them through childhood, and to defend and protect their rights, so that they can know their purpose, fulfil their God-given potential, and can make wise, responsible choices for a better future.